str.zfill(width: int) → pyspark.pandas.series.Series

Pad strings in the Series by prepending ‘0’ characters.

Strings in the Series are padded with ‘0’ characters on the left of the string to reach a total string length width. Strings in the Series with length greater or equal to width are unchanged.

Differs from str.zfill() which has special handling for ‘+’/’-‘ in the string.


Minimum length of resulting string; strings with length less than width be prepended with ‘0’ characters.

Series of object

Series with ‘0’ left-padded strings.


>>> s = ps.Series(['-1', '1', '1000', np.nan])
>>> s
0      -1
1       1
2    1000
3    None
dtype: object

Note that NaN is not a string, therefore it is converted to NaN. The minus sign in ‘-1’ is treated as a regular character and the zero is added to the left of it (str.zfill() would have moved it to the left). 1000 remains unchanged as it is longer than width.

>>> s.str.zfill(3)  
0     -01
1     001
2    1000
3    None
dtype: object