Index.sort_values(return_indexer: bool = False, ascending: bool = True) → Union[pyspark.pandas.indexes.base.Index, Tuple[pyspark.pandas.indexes.base.Index, pyspark.pandas.indexes.base.Index]][source]

Return a sorted copy of the index, and optionally return the indices that sorted the index itself.


This method is not supported for pandas when index has NaN value. pandas raises unexpected TypeError, but we support treating NaN as the smallest value. This method returns indexer as a pandas-on-Spark index while pandas returns it as a list. That’s because indexer in pandas-on-Spark may not fit in memory.

return_indexerbool, default False

Should the indices that would sort the index be returned.

ascendingbool, default True

Should the index values be sorted in an ascending order.

sorted_indexps.Index or ps.MultiIndex

Sorted copy of the index.


The indices that the index itself was sorted by.

See also


Sort values of a Series.


Sort values in a DataFrame.


>>> idx = ps.Index([10, 100, 1, 1000])
>>> idx  
Int64Index([10, 100, 1, 1000], dtype='int64')

Sort values in ascending order (default behavior).

>>> idx.sort_values()  
Int64Index([1, 10, 100, 1000], dtype='int64')

Sort values in descending order.

>>> idx.sort_values(ascending=False)  
Int64Index([1000, 100, 10, 1], dtype='int64')

Sort values in descending order, and also get the indices idx was sorted by.

>>> idx.sort_values(ascending=False, return_indexer=True)  
(Int64Index([1000, 100, 10, 1], dtype='int64'), Int64Index([3, 1, 0, 2], dtype='int64'))

Support for MultiIndex.

>>> psidx = ps.MultiIndex.from_tuples([('a', 'x', 1), ('c', 'y', 2), ('b', 'z', 3)])
>>> psidx  
MultiIndex([('a', 'x', 1),
            ('c', 'y', 2),
            ('b', 'z', 3)],
>>> psidx.sort_values()  
MultiIndex([('a', 'x', 1),
            ('b', 'z', 3),
            ('c', 'y', 2)],
>>> psidx.sort_values(ascending=False)  
MultiIndex([('c', 'y', 2),
            ('b', 'z', 3),
            ('a', 'x', 1)],
>>> psidx.sort_values(ascending=False, return_indexer=True)  
(MultiIndex([('c', 'y', 2),
            ('b', 'z', 3),
            ('a', 'x', 1)],
           ), Int64Index([1, 2, 0], dtype='int64'))