Interface ContinuousStream

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@Evolving public interface ContinuousStream extends SparkDataStream
A SparkDataStream for streaming queries with continuous mode.
  • Method Details

    • planInputPartitions

      InputPartition[] planInputPartitions(Offset start)
      Returns a list of input partitions given the start offset. Each InputPartition represents a data split that can be processed by one Spark task. The number of input partitions returned here is the same as the number of RDD partitions this scan outputs.

      If the Scan supports filter pushdown, this stream is likely configured with a filter and is responsible for creating splits for that filter, which is not a full scan.

      This method will be called to launch one Spark job for reading the data stream. It will be called more than once, if needsReconfiguration() returns true and Spark needs to launch a new job.

    • createContinuousReaderFactory

      ContinuousPartitionReaderFactory createContinuousReaderFactory()
      Returns a factory to create a ContinuousPartitionReader for each InputPartition.
    • mergeOffsets

      Offset mergeOffsets(PartitionOffset[] offsets)
      Merge partitioned offsets coming from ContinuousPartitionReader instances for each partition to a single global offset.
    • needsReconfiguration

      default boolean needsReconfiguration()
      The execution engine will call this method in every epoch to determine if new input partitions need to be generated, which may be required if for example the underlying source system has had partitions added or removed.

      If true, the Spark job to scan this continuous data stream will be interrupted and Spark will launch it again with a new list of input partitions.