Class TableChange.UpdateColumnDefaultValue

All Implemented Interfaces:
TableChange, TableChange.ColumnChange
Enclosing interface:

public static final class TableChange.UpdateColumnDefaultValue extends Object implements TableChange.ColumnChange
A TableChange to update the default value of a field.

The field names are used to find the field to update.

If the field does not exist, the change must result in an IllegalArgumentException.

  • Method Details

    • fieldNames

      public String[] fieldNames()
      Specified by:
      fieldNames in interface TableChange.ColumnChange
    • newDefaultValue

      public String newDefaultValue()
      Returns the column default value SQL string (Spark SQL dialect). The default value literal is not provided as updating column default values does not need to back-fill existing data. Empty string means dropping the column default value.
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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