Interface LinearSVCParams

All Superinterfaces:
ClassifierParams, HasAggregationDepth, HasFeaturesCol, HasFitIntercept, HasLabelCol, HasMaxBlockSizeInMB, HasMaxIter, HasPredictionCol, HasRawPredictionCol, HasRegParam, HasStandardization, HasThreshold, HasTol, HasWeightCol, Identifiable, Params, PredictorParams, Serializable, scala.Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
LinearSVC, LinearSVCModel

Params for linear SVM Classifier.
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    • threshold

      DoubleParam threshold()
      Param for threshold in binary classification prediction. For LinearSVC, this threshold is applied to the rawPrediction, rather than a probability. This threshold can be any real number, where Inf will make all predictions 0.0 and -Inf will make all predictions 1.0. Default: 0.0

      Specified by:
      threshold in interface HasThreshold