Interface InsertableRelation

public interface InsertableRelation
A BaseRelation that can be used to insert data into it through the insert method. If overwrite in insert method is true, the old data in the relation should be overwritten with the new data. If overwrite in insert method is false, the new data should be appended.

InsertableRelation has the following three assumptions. 1. It assumes that the data (Rows in the DataFrame) provided to the insert method exactly matches the ordinal of fields in the schema of the BaseRelation. 2. It assumes that the schema of this relation will not be changed. Even if the insert method updates the schema (e.g. a relation of JSON or Parquet data may have a schema update after an insert operation), the new schema will not be used. 3. It assumes that fields of the data provided in the insert method are nullable. If a data source needs to check the actual nullability of a field, it needs to do it in the insert method.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    insert(Dataset<Row> data, boolean overwrite)
  • Method Details

    • insert

      void insert(Dataset<Row> data, boolean overwrite)