Interface QueryErrorsBase

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public interface QueryErrorsBase extends DataTypeErrorsBase
The trait exposes util methods for preparing error messages such as quoting of error elements. All classes that extent QueryErrorsBase shall follow the rules: 1. Any values shall be outputted in the SQL standard style by usi ng toSQLValue(). For example: 'a string value', 1, NULL. 2. SQL types shall be double quoted and outputted in the upper case using toSQLType(). For example: "INT", "DECIMAL(10,0)". 3. Elements of identifiers shall be wrapped by backticks by using toSQLId(). For example: namespaceA.funcB, tableC. 4. SQL statements shall be in the upper case prepared by using toSQLStmt. For example: DESC PARTITION, DROP TEMPORARY FUNCTION. 5. SQL configs and datasource options shall be wrapped by double quotes by using toSQLConf()/toDSOption(). For example: "spark.sql.ansi.enabled". 6. Any values of datasource options or SQL configs shall be double quoted. For example: "true", "CORRECTED". 7. SQL expressions shall be wrapped by double quotes. For example: "earnings + 1".