Interface View

@DeveloperApi public interface View
An interface representing a persisted view.
  • Method Details

    • name

      String name()
      A name to identify this view.
    • query

      String query()
      The view query SQL text.
    • currentCatalog

      String currentCatalog()
      The current catalog when the view is created.
    • currentNamespace

      String[] currentNamespace()
      The current namespace when the view is created.
    • schema

      StructType schema()
      The schema for the view when the view is created after applying column aliases.
    • queryColumnNames

      String[] queryColumnNames()
      The output column names of the query that creates this view.
    • columnAliases

      String[] columnAliases()
      The view column aliases.
    • columnComments

      String[] columnComments()
      The view column comments.
    • properties

      Map<String,String> properties()
      The view properties.