Interface CatalogPlugin

All Known Subinterfaces:
CatalogExtension, FunctionCatalog, StagingTableCatalog, SupportsNamespaces, TableCatalog, ViewCatalog
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@Evolving public interface CatalogPlugin
A marker interface to provide a catalog implementation for Spark.

Implementations can provide catalog functions by implementing additional interfaces for tables, views, and functions.

Catalog implementations must implement this marker interface to be loaded by Catalogs.load(String, SQLConf). The loader will instantiate catalog classes using the required public no-arg constructor. After creating an instance, it will be configured by calling initialize(String, CaseInsensitiveStringMap).

Catalog implementations are registered to a name by adding a configuration option to Spark: spark.sql.catalog.catalog-name=com.example.YourCatalogClass. All configuration properties in the Spark configuration that share the catalog name prefix, spark.sql.catalog.catalog-name.(key)=(value) will be passed in the case insensitive string map of options in initialization with the prefix removed. name, is also passed and is the catalog's name; in this case, "catalog-name".

  • Method Details

    • initialize

      void initialize(String name, CaseInsensitiveStringMap options)
      Called to initialize configuration.

      This method is called once, just after the provider is instantiated.

      name - the name used to identify and load this catalog
      options - a case-insensitive string map of configuration
    • name

      String name()
      Called to get this catalog's name.

      This method is only called after initialize(String, CaseInsensitiveStringMap) is called to pass the catalog's name.

    • defaultNamespace

      default String[] defaultNamespace()
      Return a default namespace for the catalog.

      When this catalog is set as the current catalog, the namespace returned by this method will be set as the current namespace.

      The namespace returned by this method is not required to exist.

      a multi-part namespace