Class Serializer

Direct Known Subclasses:
JavaSerializer, KryoSerializer

public abstract class Serializer extends Object
:: DeveloperApi :: A serializer. Because some serialization libraries are not thread safe, this class is used to create SerializerInstance objects that do the actual serialization and are guaranteed to only be called from one thread at a time.

Implementations of this trait should implement:

1. a zero-arg constructor or a constructor that accepts a SparkConf as parameter. If both constructors are defined, the latter takes precedence.

2. Java serialization interface.

Serializers are not required to be wire-compatible across different versions of Spark. They are intended to be used to serialize/de-serialize data within a single Spark application.
  • Constructor Details

    • Serializer

      public Serializer()
  • Method Details

    • newInstance

      public abstract SerializerInstance newInstance()
      Creates a new SerializerInstance.
    • setDefaultClassLoader

      public Serializer setDefaultClassLoader(ClassLoader classLoader)
      Sets a class loader for the serializer to use in deserialization.

      classLoader - (undocumented)
      this Serializer object