Class DeterministicLevel


public class DeterministicLevel extends Object
The deterministic level of RDD's output (i.e. what RDD#compute returns). This explains how the output will diff when Spark reruns the tasks for the RDD. There are 3 deterministic levels: 1. DETERMINATE: The RDD output is always the same data set in the same order after a rerun. 2. UNORDERED: The RDD output is always the same data set but the order can be different after a rerun. 3. INDETERMINATE. The RDD output can be different after a rerun.

Note that, the output of an RDD usually relies on the parent RDDs. When the parent RDD's output is INDETERMINATE, it's very likely the RDD's output is also INDETERMINATE.

  • Constructor Details

    • DeterministicLevel

      public DeterministicLevel()
  • Method Details


      public static scala.Enumeration.Value DETERMINATE()

      public static scala.Enumeration.Value UNORDERED()

      public static scala.Enumeration.Value INDETERMINATE()
    • toString

      public static String toString()
    • values

      public static scala.Enumeration.ValueSet values()
    • maxId

      public static final int maxId()
    • apply

      public static final scala.Enumeration.Value apply(int x)
    • withName

      public static final scala.Enumeration.Value withName(String s)