Class LocalKMeans


public class LocalKMeans extends Object
An utility object to run K-means locally. This is private to the ML package because it's used in the initialization of KMeans but not meant to be publicly exposed.
  • Constructor Details

    • LocalKMeans

      public LocalKMeans()
  • Method Details

    • kMeansPlusPlus

      public static org.apache.spark.mllib.clustering.VectorWithNorm[] kMeansPlusPlus(int seed, org.apache.spark.mllib.clustering.VectorWithNorm[] points, double[] weights, int k, int maxIterations)
      Run K-means++ on the weighted point set points. This first does the K-means++ initialization procedure and then rounds of Lloyd's algorithm.
      seed - (undocumented)
      points - (undocumented)
      weights - (undocumented)
      k - (undocumented)
      maxIterations - (undocumented)
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      public static org.slf4j.Logger org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log_()
    • org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log__$eq

      public static void org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log__$eq(org.slf4j.Logger x$1)