Class RWrapperUtils


public class RWrapperUtils extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • RWrapperUtils

      public RWrapperUtils()
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    • checkDataColumns

      public static void checkDataColumns(RFormula rFormula, Dataset<?> data)
      DataFrame column check. When loading libsvm data, default columns "features" and "label" will be added. And "features" would conflict with RFormula default feature column names. Here is to change the column name to avoid "column already exists" error.

      rFormula - RFormula instance
      data - Input dataset
    • getFeaturesAndLabels

      public static scala.Tuple2<String[],String[]> getFeaturesAndLabels(RFormulaModel rFormulaModel, Dataset<?> data)
      Get the feature names and original labels from the schema of DataFrame transformed by RFormulaModel.

      rFormulaModel - The RFormulaModel instance.
      data - Input dataset.
      The feature names and original labels.
    • org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log_

      public static org.slf4j.Logger org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log_()
    • org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log__$eq

      public static void org$apache$spark$internal$Logging$$log__$eq(org.slf4j.Logger x$1)