Interface HasHandleInvalid

All Superinterfaces:
Identifiable, Params, Serializable, scala.Serializable
All Known Subinterfaces:
OneHotEncoderBase, QuantileDiscretizerBase, RFormulaBase, StringIndexerBase, VectorIndexerParams
All Known Implementing Classes:
Bucketizer, OneHotEncoder, OneHotEncoderModel, QuantileDiscretizer, RFormula, RFormulaModel, StringIndexer, StringIndexerModel, VectorAssembler, VectorIndexer, VectorIndexerModel, VectorSizeHint

public interface HasHandleInvalid extends Params
Trait for shared param handleInvalid. This trait may be changed or removed between minor versions.
  • Method Details

    • getHandleInvalid

      String getHandleInvalid()
    • handleInvalid

      Param<String> handleInvalid()
      Param for how to handle invalid entries. Options are skip (which will filter out rows with bad values), or error (which will throw an error). More options may be added later.