Class DoubleArrayParam

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, scala.Serializable

public class DoubleArrayParam extends Param<double[]>
Specialized version of Param[Array[Double} for Java.
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  • Constructor Details

    • DoubleArrayParam

      public DoubleArrayParam(Params parent, String name, String doc, scala.Function1<double[],Object> isValid)
    • DoubleArrayParam

      public DoubleArrayParam(Params parent, String name, String doc)
  • Method Details

    • jsonDecode

      public double[] jsonDecode(String json)
      Description copied from class: Param
      Decodes a param value from JSON.
      jsonDecode in class Param<double[]>
    • jsonEncode

      public String jsonEncode(double[] value)
      Description copied from class: Param
      Encodes a param value into JSON, which can be decoded by `jsonDecode()`.
      jsonEncode in class Param<double[]>
    • w

      public ParamPair<double[]> w(List<Double> value)
      Creates a param pair with a `java.util.List` of values (for Java and Python).