Interface ImputerParams

All Superinterfaces:
HasInputCol, HasInputCols, HasOutputCol, HasOutputCols, HasRelativeError, Identifiable, Params, Serializable, scala.Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
Imputer, ImputerModel

public interface ImputerParams extends Params, HasInputCol, HasInputCols, HasOutputCol, HasOutputCols, HasRelativeError
Params for Imputer and ImputerModel.
  • Method Details

    • getInOutCols

      scala.Tuple2<String[],String[]> getInOutCols()
      Returns the input and output column names corresponding in pair.
    • getMissingValue

      double getMissingValue()
    • getStrategy

      String getStrategy()
    • missingValue

      DoubleParam missingValue()
      The placeholder for the missing values. All occurrences of missingValue will be imputed. Note that null values are always treated as missing. Default: Double.NaN

    • strategy

      Param<String> strategy()
      The imputation strategy. Currently only "mean" and "median" are supported. If "mean", then replace missing values using the mean value of the feature. If "median", then replace missing values using the approximate median value of the feature. If "mode", then replace missing using the most frequent value of the feature. Default: mean

    • validateAndTransformSchema

      StructType validateAndTransformSchema(StructType schema)
      Validates and transforms the input schema.