Interface PowerIterationClusteringParams

All Superinterfaces:
HasMaxIter, HasWeightCol, Identifiable, Params, Serializable, scala.Serializable
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public interface PowerIterationClusteringParams extends Params, HasMaxIter, HasWeightCol
Common params for PowerIterationClustering
  • Method Details

    • dstCol

      Param<String> dstCol()
      Name of the input column for destination vertex IDs. Default: "dst"
    • getDstCol

      String getDstCol()
    • getInitMode

      String getInitMode()
    • getK

      int getK()
    • getSrcCol

      String getSrcCol()
    • initMode

      Param<String> initMode()
      Param for the initialization algorithm. This can be either "random" to use a random vector as vertex properties, or "degree" to use a normalized sum of similarities with other vertices. Default: random.
    • k

      The number of clusters to create (k). Must be &gt; 1. Default: 2.
    • srcCol

      Param<String> srcCol()
      Param for the name of the input column for source vertex IDs. Default: "src"