Class MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummaryImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ClassificationSummary, MultilayerPerceptronClassificationSummary, MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummary, TrainingSummary, scala.Serializable

public class MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummaryImpl extends MultilayerPerceptronClassificationSummaryImpl implements MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummary
MultilayerPerceptronClassification training results.

param: predictions dataframe output by the model's transform method. param: predictionCol field in "predictions" which gives the prediction for a data instance as a double. param: labelCol field in "predictions" which gives the true label of each instance. param: weightCol field in "predictions" which gives the weight of each instance. param: objectiveHistory objective function (scaled loss + regularization) at each iteration.

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  • Constructor Details

    • MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummaryImpl

      public MultilayerPerceptronClassificationTrainingSummaryImpl(Dataset<Row> predictions, String predictionCol, String labelCol, String weightCol, double[] objectiveHistory)
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    • objectiveHistory

      public double[] objectiveHistory()
      Description copied from interface: TrainingSummary
      objective function (scaled loss + regularization) at each iteration. It contains one more element, the initial state, than number of iterations.
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      objectiveHistory in interface TrainingSummary