Class AttributeType


public abstract class AttributeType extends Object
An enum-like type for attribute types: AttributeType$.Numeric, AttributeType$.Nominal, and AttributeType$.Binary.
  • Constructor Details

    • AttributeType

      public AttributeType(String name)
  • Method Details

    • Numeric

      public static AttributeType Numeric()
      Numeric type.
    • Nominal

      public static AttributeType Nominal()
      Nominal type.
    • Binary

      public static AttributeType Binary()
      Binary type.
    • Unresolved

      public static AttributeType Unresolved()
      Unresolved type.
    • fromName

      public static AttributeType fromName(String name)
      Gets the AttributeType object from its name.
      name - attribute type name: "numeric", "nominal", or "binary"
    • name

      public String name()