Interface SparkThrowable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnalysisException, CatalogNotFoundException, SparkException, StreamingQueryException, UnrecognizedBlockId

@Evolving public interface SparkThrowable
Interface mixed into Throwables thrown from Spark. - For backwards compatibility, existing Throwable types can be thrown with an arbitrary error message with a null error class. See [[SparkException]]. - To promote standardization, Throwables should be thrown with an error class and message parameters to construct an error message with SparkThrowableHelper.getMessage(). New Throwable types should not accept arbitrary error messages. See [[SparkArithmeticException]].
  • Method Details

    • getErrorClass

      String getErrorClass()
    • getSqlState

      default String getSqlState()
    • isInternalError

      default boolean isInternalError()
    • getMessageParameters

      default Map<String,String> getMessageParameters()
    • getQueryContext

      default QueryContext[] getQueryContext()