Spark Release 1.5.1

Spark 1.5.1 is a maintenance release containing stability fixes. This release is based on the branch-1.5 maintenance branch of Spark. We strongly recommend all 1.5.0 users to upgrade to this stable release.

You can consult JIRA for the detailed changes.

We would like to acknowledge the following community members for contributing patches to this release: Ahir Reddy, Akash Mishra, Alexey Grishchenko, Andrew Or, Cheng Hao, Cheng Lian, Daniel Imfeld, Davies Liu, Felix Bechstein, Felix Cheung, Forest Fang, Holden Karau, Hossein Falaki, Iulian Dragos, Jacek Laskowski, Josh Rosen, Josiah Samuel, Justin Uang, Kousuke Saruta, Liang-Chi Hsieh, Luciano Resende, Marcelo Vanzin, Matt Hagen, Michael Armbrust, Mingyu Kim, Navis Ryu, Nick Pritchard, Nithin Asokan, Noel Smith, Pete Robbins, Reynold Xin, Rohit Agarwal, Sean Owen, Sean Paradiso, Shixiong Zhu, Stephen Hopper, Tathagata Das, Tathagata Das, Tom Graves, Weizhong Lin, Wenchen Fan, XuTingjun, Yanbo Liang, Yangping Wu, Yijie Shen, Yin Huai, Zhichao Li.

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