Spark Release 1.4.1

Spark 1.4.1 is a maintenance release containing stability fixes. This release is based on the branch-1.4 maintenance branch of Spark. We recommend all 1.4.0 users to upgrade to this stable release. 85 developers contributed to this release.

To download Spark 1.4.1 visit the downloads page.


Spark 1.4.1 contains several bug fixes in Spark’s DataFrame and data source support and assorted fixes in other components. Some of the more important fixes are highlighted below. You can visit the Spark issue tracker for the full list of fixes.

Data Sources and DataFrames

  • SPARK-8804: Order of UTF8String is not consistent with String if there is any non-ascii character in it
  • SPARK-8406: Race condition when writing Parquet files
  • SPARK-8329: DataSource options parser no longer accepts ‘_’
  • SPARK-8368: ClassNotFoundException in closure for map
  • SPARK-8470: MissingRequirementError for ScalaReflection on user classes
  • SPARK-8358: DataFrame explode with alias and * fails


  • SPARK-8151: Pipeline components should correctly implement copy
  • SPARK-8468: Some metrics in RegressionEvaluator should have negative sign
  • SPARK-8736: GBTRegressionModel shouldn’t threshold predictions
  • SPARK-8563: IndexedRowMatrix.computeSVD() yields the U with wrong numCols


  • SPARK-8202: Infinite loop during external sort
  • SPARK-8573: Trigger exceptions when invalid operators are used
  • SPARK-8766: Support non ASCII characters in columns


  • SPARK-8506: Support for Spark packages when initializing SparkR
  • SPARK-8085: Support for user defined schemas when reading from data sources


The following developers contributed to this release:

  • Adam Roberts – Bug fixes in Core and tests
  • Ai He – Improvements in PySpark
  • Alok Singh – Bug fixes in Core
  • Amey Chaugule – Improvement in SQL
  • Andrew Or – Bug fixes in Core, tests, Shuffle, spark submit, and SQL; improvement in Web UI and tests
  • Animesh Baranawal – Improvement in SQL
  • Ben Fradet – Bug fixes in Streaming and Web UI
  • Brian Lockwood – Documentation in Core
  • Burak Yavuz – Test in SQL; improvements in spark submit; bug fixes in spark submit and SQL; improvement in SQL
  • Carson Wang – Bug fixes in Core and Web UI
  • Cheng Hao – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Cheng Lian – Documentation in Core; bug fixes in SQL
  • Cheolsoo Park – Improvement in SQL
  • Chris Freeman – Bug fixes in r
  • Christian Kadner – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Cody Koeninger – Improvements and improvement in Streaming
  • DB Tsai – New features in MLlib
  • Daniel Darabos – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Daoyuan Wang – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Davies Liu – Bug fixes in PySpark; improvement in SQL and PySpark
  • Devaraj K – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya – Bug fixes in Streaming and Web UI
  • Favio Vazquez – Documentation in Core and MLlib
  • Hari Shreedharan – Bug fixes in Streaming and Core
  • Holden Karau – Documentation in Core; bug fixes in sparkr, Shuffle, and MLlib
  • Hossein Falaki – Improvements and bug fixes in sparkr
  • Huang Zhaowei – Bug fixes in Streaming and YARN
  • Jean Lyn – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Joseph K. Bradley – Improvements in MLlib; bug fixes in MLlib; improvement in Core and MLlib
  • Josh Rosen – New features in SQL; bug fixes in scheduler and SQL; improvement in Core
  • Kevin Conor – Bug fixes in PySpark
  • Kousuke Saruta – Documentation in Core
  • Lars Francke – Documentation in Core
  • Lee – Bug fixes in MLlib
  • Liang-Chi Hsieh – Improvements in SQL; bug fixes in MLlib and SQL
  • Lianhui Wang – Bug fixes in Shuffle
  • Luca Martinetti – Documentation in Core
  • Manoj Kumar – Improvements in SQL; bug fixes in MLlib and PySpark
  • Marcelo Vanzin – Improvements in Core; bug fixes in Core and Web UI
  • Mark Smith – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Michael Armbrust – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Mike Dusenberry – Improvements in PySpark, Core, SQL, and Streaming
  • Moussa Taifi – Documentation in Core
  • Nathan Howell – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Navis Ryu – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Neelesh Srinivas Salian – Documentation in Core and YARN
  • Oleksiy Dyagilev – Bug fixes in Core and MLlib
  • Paavo Parkkinen – Bug fixes in Streaming and MLlib
  • Patrick Wendell – Improvements in Core
  • Punya Biswal – Bug fixes in Core
  • Qian Huang – New features in sparkr
  • Radek Ostrowski – Documentation in Core
  • Ram Sriharsha – New features in MLlib and PySpark
  • Rekha Joshi – Improvements in Web UI
  • Reynold Xin – Bug fixes and improvement in SQL
  • Rosstin Murphy – Documentation in Core
  • Ryan Williams – Bug fixes in Core
  • Saisai Shao – Bug fixes in Core and Streaming
  • Scott Taylor – Test in PySpark
  • Sean Owen – Improvements and bug fixes in Core
  • Sephiroth Lin – Improvements in YARN
  • Shiming Fei – Bug fixes in Core
  • Shivaram Venkataraman – Improvements in Core, EC2, and sparkr; bug fixes in sparkr and EC2
  • Shixiong Zhu – Test in Streaming, tests, and Core; improvements in Streaming and Core; bug fixes in Core, tests, PySpark, and Streaming
  • Simon Hafner – Bug fixes in EC2
  • Sun Rui – Bug fixes in Core and sparkr
  • Tao Li – Bug fixes in YARN
  • Tathagata Das – Improvements in Core and Streaming; bug fixes in Core
  • Ted Blackman – Bug fixes in PySpark
  • Ted Yu – Bug fixes in SQL
  • Tim Ellison – Bug fixes in Core
  • Timothy Chen – Bug fixes in Web UI and Mesos
  • Tingjun Xu – Improvements in Core
  • Tom Graves – Bug fixes in Core
  • Vinod K C – Improvements and bug fixes in SQL
  • Vyacheslav Baranov – Bug fixes in Core
  • Wang Tao – Bug fixes in Core and YARN
  • Wenchen Fan – Improvement in SQL
  • Xiangrui Meng – Bug fixes in MLlib
  • Yanbo Liang – Improvements in Core, MLlib, and PySpark
  • Yin Huai – Improvements in Core, tests, and SQL; bug fixes in tests and SQL; improvement in tests and SQL
  • Yu ISHIKAWA – Improvements in PySpark; improvement in sparkr
  • Yuhao Yang – Bug fixes in MLlib
  • Yuming Wang – Github integration in Web UI
  • Yuri Saito – Bug fixes in PySpark

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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