Spark Release 0.9.2

Spark 0.9.2 is a maintenance release with bug fixes. This release is based on the branch-0.9 maintenance branch of Spark. We recommend all 0.9.x users to upgrade to this stable release. Contributions to this release came from 28 developers.

You can download Spark 0.9.2 as either a source package (6 MB tgz) or a prebuilt package for Hadoop 1 / CDH3 (156 MB tgz), CDH4 (161 MB tgz), or Hadoop 2 / CDH5 / HDP2 (168 MB tgz). Release signatures and checksums are available at the official Apache download site.


Spark 0.9.2 contains bug fixes in several components. Some of the more important fixes are highlighted below. You can visit the Spark issue tracker for the full list of fixes.

Spark Core

  • ExternalAppendOnlyMap doesn’t always find matching keys. (SPARK-2043)
  • Jobs hang due to akka frame size settings. (SPARK-1112, SPARK-2156)
  • HDFS FileSystems continually pile up in the FS cache. (SPARK-1676)
  • Unneeded lock in ShuffleMapTask.deserializeInfo. (SPARK-1775)
  • Secondary jars are not added to executor classpath for YARN. (SPARK-1870)


  • IPython won’t run standalone Python script. (SPARK-1134)
  • The hash method used by partitionBy doesn’t deal with None correctly. (SPARK-1468)
  • PySpark crashes if too many tasks complete quickly. (SPARK-2282)


  • Make MLlib work on Python 2.6. (SPARK-1421)
  • Fix PySpark’s Naive Bayes implementation. (SPARK-2433)


  • SparkFlumeEvent with body bigger than 1020 bytes are not read properly. (SPARK-1916)


  • GraphX triplets not working properly. (SPARK-1188)


The following developers contributed to this release:

  • Aaron Davidson - bug fix and optimization
  • Anant Daksh Asthana - improvement
  • Daniel Darabos - bug fix
  • David Lemieux - bug fix
  • Davis Shepherd - bug fix
  • DB Tsai - bug fix
  • Diana Carroll - bug fix
  • Erik Selin - bug fix
  • Gabriele Nizzoli - bug fix
  • Guoqiang Li - bug fix
  • John Zhao - improvement
  • Mark Hamstra - bug fix
  • Matei Zaharia - bug fix and improvement
  • Nan Zhu - bug fix
  • Nick Lanham - bug fix
  • Ori Kremer - bug fix
  • Patrick Wendell - bug fixes
  • Prashant Sharma - new feature
  • Sam Sun - bug fix
  • Sandeep Singh - bug fix
  • Shuo Bai - improvement
  • Sujeet Varakhedi - improvement
  • Tathagata Das - bug fixes and documentation fix
  • Thomas Graves - bug fixes
  • Uri Laserson - bug fix
  • Wenchen Fan - bug fix
  • Xiangrui Meng - bug fixes and release manager
  • Yin Huai - bug fix

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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