Interface DeltaWriterFactory

All Superinterfaces:
DataWriterFactory, Serializable

@Experimental public interface DeltaWriterFactory extends DataWriterFactory
A factory for creating DeltaWriters returned by DeltaBatchWrite.createBatchWriterFactory(PhysicalWriteInfo), which is responsible for creating and initializing writers at the executor side.
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    createWriter(int partitionId, long taskId)
    Returns a data writer to do the actual writing work.
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    • createWriter

      DeltaWriter<org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.InternalRow> createWriter(int partitionId, long taskId)
      Description copied from interface: DataWriterFactory
      Returns a data writer to do the actual writing work. Note that, Spark will reuse the same data object instance when sending data to the data writer, for better performance. Data writers are responsible for defensive copies if necessary, e.g. copy the data before buffer it in a list.

      If this method fails (by throwing an exception), the corresponding Spark write task would fail and get retried until hitting the maximum retry times.

      Specified by:
      createWriter in interface DataWriterFactory
      partitionId - A unique id of the RDD partition that the returned writer will process. Usually Spark processes many RDD partitions at the same time, implementations should use the partition id to distinguish writers for different partitions.
      taskId - The task id returned by TaskContext.taskAttemptId(). Spark may run multiple tasks for the same partition (due to speculation or task failures, for example).