Interface SupportsPushDownV2Filters

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@Evolving public interface SupportsPushDownV2Filters extends ScanBuilder
A mix-in interface for ScanBuilder. Data sources can implement this interface to push down V2 Predicate to the data source and reduce the size of the data to be read. Please Note that this interface is preferred over SupportsPushDownFilters, which uses V1 Filter and is less efficient due to the internal -> external data conversion.
  • Method Details

    • pushPredicates

      Predicate[] pushPredicates(Predicate[] predicates)
      Pushes down predicates, and returns predicates that need to be evaluated after scanning.

      Rows should be returned from the data source if and only if all of the predicates match. That is, predicates must be interpreted as ANDed together.

    • pushedPredicates

      Predicate[] pushedPredicates()
      Returns the predicates that are pushed to the data source via pushPredicates(Predicate[]).

      There are 3 kinds of predicates:

      1. pushable predicates which don't need to be evaluated again after scanning.
      2. pushable predicates which still need to be evaluated after scanning, e.g. parquet row group predicate.
      3. non-pushable predicates.

      Both case 1 and 2 should be considered as pushed predicates and should be returned by this method.

      It's possible that there is no predicates in the query and pushPredicates(Predicate[]) is never called, empty array should be returned for this case.