Class ImageDataSource


public class ImageDataSource extends Object
image package implements Spark SQL data source API for loading image data as DataFrame. It can load compressed image (jpeg, png, etc.) into raw image representation via ImageIO in Java library. The loaded DataFrame has one StructType column: image, containing image data stored as image schema. The schema of the image column is: - origin: StringType (represents the file path of the image) - height: IntegerType (height of the image) - width: IntegerType (width of the image) - nChannels: IntegerType (number of image channels) - mode: IntegerType (OpenCV-compatible type) - data: BinaryType (Image bytes in OpenCV-compatible order: row-wise BGR in most cases)

To use image data source, you need to set "image" as the format in DataFrameReader and optionally specify the data source options, for example:

   // Scala
   val df ="image")
     .option("dropInvalid", true)

   // Java
   Dataset<Row> df ="image")
     .option("dropInvalid", true)

Image data source supports the following options: - "dropInvalid": Whether to drop the files that are not valid images from the result.

This IMAGE data source does not support saving images to files.

, This class is public for documentation purpose. Please don't use this class directly. Rather, use the data source API as illustrated above.

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      public ImageDataSource()