package java

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Type Members

  1. class JavaDStream[T] extends JavaDStreamLike[T, JavaDStream[T], JavaRDD[T]]

    A Discretized Stream (DStream), the basic abstraction in Spark Streaming, is a continuous sequence of RDDs (of the same type) representing a continuous stream of data (see spark.RDD for more details on RDDs).

  2. trait JavaDStreamLike[T, This <: JavaDStreamLike[T, This, R], R <: JavaRDDLike[T, R]] extends Serializable

  3. class JavaPairDStream[K, V] extends JavaDStreamLike[(K, V), JavaPairDStream[K, V], JavaPairRDD[K, V]]

  4. class JavaStreamingContext extends AnyRef

    A StreamingContext is the main entry point for Spark Streaming functionality.

Value Members

  1. object JavaDStream extends Serializable

  2. object JavaPairDStream extends Serializable