package util

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Type Members

  1. abstract class CompletionIterator[+A, +I <: Iterator[A]] extends Iterator[A]

    Wrapper around an iterator which calls a completion method after it successfully iterates through all the elements

  2. class Distribution extends AnyRef

    Util for getting some stats from a small sample of numeric values, with some handy summary functions.

  3. class MetadataCleaner extends Logging

    Runs a timer task to periodically clean up metadata (e.

  4. class RateLimitedOutputStream extends OutputStream

  5. class StatCounter extends Serializable

    A class for tracking the statistics of a set of numbers (count, mean and variance) in a numerically robust way.

  6. class TimeStampedHashMap[A, B] extends Map[A, B] with Logging

    This is a custom implementation of scala.

  7. class TimeStampedHashSet[A] extends Set[A]

  8. class Vector extends Serializable

Value Members

  1. object CompletionIterator extends AnyRef

  2. object Distribution extends AnyRef

  3. object MetadataCleaner extends AnyRef

  4. object StatCounter extends Serializable

  5. object Vector extends Serializable