package rdd

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Type Members

  1. class CoGroupedRDD[K] extends RDD[(K, Seq[Seq[_]])]

    A RDD that cogroups its parents.

  2. class CoalescedRDD[T] extends RDD[T]

    Coalesce the partitions of a parent RDD (prev) into fewer partitions, so that each partition of this RDD computes one or more of the parent ones.

  3. class HadoopRDD[K, V] extends RDD[(K, V)] with Logging

    An RDD that reads a Hadoop dataset as specified by a JobConf (e.

  4. class NewHadoopRDD[K, V] extends RDD[(K, V)] with HadoopMapReduceUtil with Logging

  5. class PartitionPruningRDD[T] extends RDD[T]

    A RDD used to prune RDD partitions/partitions so we can avoid launching tasks on all partitions.

  6. class PartitionPruningRDDPartition extends Partition

  7. class PipedRDD[T] extends RDD[String]

    An RDD that pipes the contents of each parent partition through an external command (printing them one per line) and returns the output as a collection of strings.

  8. class PruneDependency[T] extends NarrowDependency[T]

    Represents a dependency between the PartitionPruningRDD and its parent.

  9. class SampledRDD[T] extends RDD[T]

  10. class ShuffledRDD[K, V] extends RDD[(K, V)]

    The resulting RDD from a shuffle (e.

  11. class UnionRDD[T] extends RDD[T]

  12. class ZippedRDD[T, U] extends RDD[(T, U)]

Value Members

  1. object PartitionPruningRDD extends Serializable

  2. object PipedRDD extends Serializable